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We have now completed our recommendations around what to do if you do get COVID. We have so many people messaging us and telling us about their success stories when treating with vitamin C so keep them coming through. It is great to see so many people with risk factors who are using high dose vitamin C and having very mild symptoms that aren’t lasting too long.

With COVID it is really vital that people start working on improving their immune system as soon as they notice symptoms. Or ideally right now, so that you have a stronger immune system for if you do catch this virus. We know vitamin C levels fall precipitously as a consequence of infection so optimising this is essential along with vitamin D and Zinc.

For many people who catch COVID they are asymptomoatic and that is worth remembering. There is a percentage of patients who become symptomatic. Typical symptoms include; fever, cough, headache, myalgia (myalgia, being sore muscles), which is typical of influenza too.The severity of this varies and for many it will be mild but some my suffer more severe symptoms.

So why vitamin C? 

The adrenal glands have 100 times more vitamin C than anywhere else in the body. It is also important to remember that humans, guinea pigs, a few fish and pets are the only species on this planet that actually don’t synthesise vitamin C. Vitamin C actually is not really a nutrient. It’s a stress hormone so that when sheep, or cats or dogs get stressed, they increase the vitamin C concentration, partly by being secreted by the adrenal gland. The adrenal gland secretes both cortisol, as well as vitamin C. In addition, the liver increases synthesis of vitamin C. We know this absolutely and categorically that vitamin C in other species is an important stress hormone.

Hospitalised patients with COVID are absolutely profoundly deficient in vitamin C. All of them actually meet the diagnostic criteria for scurvy. Just on that basis alone, there shouldn’t be so much controversy about giving vitamin C; these people have a disease induced scurvy. The definition of scurvy is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency.

We know vitamin C levels fall precipitously as a consequence of infection, which results in the cortisones not being able to work. And that means that the person’s fight or flight mechanism designed to keep them alive, is not going to kick in.

Vitamin D and Zinc
The correlation between vitamin D deficiency and COVID has been well established. Interestingly those with very low levels are more likely to die from the disease. As a prevention strategy, it is worth testing your levels and optimising these but given we are in winter you can see our prevention dose us set at 3,000 IU a day.

Zinc it’s been known for a long time that people who are zinc deficient, have impaired immunity and higher risk of infection. What is fascinating though with covid, is that zinc ions actually interfere with viral replication, they interfere with the ability of the virus to replicate themselves, which is obviously a huge benefit.

For those who have critical covid and are in a hospital setting these vitamins and minerals support the medication protocol.

You can download a copy of these recommendations here and please do feel free to share.

What next and how you can still help? 

We will be sharing more over the coming weeks on our care home study and this is really coming together now so stay tuned. We still require further funds so if you can and want to support this project them please donate here.

We are still looking for an MP to take this to parliament. Frustratingly we seem to be getting a standard response from many. We will keep up our hard work on this but please do write to your MP and you can find the template here. Do let us know who you’ve written too or bcc us in on the correspondence as we are tracking this with over 140 contacted so far.

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