Censorship and why are the three new studies on vitamin C not being picked up in the media or by the government?



Censorship and why are the three new studies on vitamin C not being picked up in the media or by the government?

Censorship is something we have talked about from the beginning and it only seems to be increasing on the vitamin C front.

We know vitamin C is essential for immunity and we know that levels drop dramatically on infection with COVID. We have several doctors using this with great effect. You can listen / read the interview with Dr Paul Marik where he discusses ‘cracking the covid code’ and vitamin C playing a key role in this, BUT nobody wants to listen?!

Yet we are stuck in lockdown, daily death tolls and infection count are still continuing a year on and it seems the government isn’t interested in any treatment options to reduce this, other than the vaccine. Matt Hancock stated we may have lockdowns next winter and keep needing upgraded vaccines for new variants. Yet they will not acknowledge vitamin C that reduces duration of infections, hence need for hospitalisation and as well as reducing ICU mortality …. All saving the NHS huge amounts of money and beds!

3 new studies linking vitamin C with improved covid outcomes

So, let’s have a look at the new studies that have come out over the last couple of week.

  1. Effect of High-Dose Zinc and Ascorbic Acid Supplementation vs Usual Care on Symptom Length and Reduction Among Ambulatory Patients With SARS-CoV-2 Infection. The COVID A to Z Randomized Clinical Trial

A study published last weekend in the notoriously anti-vitamin Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that 8 grams of vitamin C reduces duration of symptoms from mild COVID-19 infection by 18%. The study involved 219 people either given standard care, or vitamin C (8 grams), or zinc (7mg) or both vitamin C and zinc. Other studies have shown a 20% reduction in cold duration if vitamin C is taken in the first day of infection. In this study participants only started taking vitamin C after they had a) tested PCR positive and b) turned up at an outpatient clinic presumably several days after the onset of symptoms. The authors told us they recorded this information but won’t disclose it.

Comment: If you have been following our Instagram account you will already know the twist …the authors state that there was no statistical significance between the groups. This is not true. Professor of Public Health Harri Hemila, from the University of Helsinki calculated “the rate of recovery in the vitamin C group compared to the standard of care group and found that vitamin C significantly increased the rate of recovery. – by a statistically significant 71%. This is different to the reduced average duration of 18% and relates to how many recover each day.  “This direct comparison of recovery rate between the vitamin C and the standard of care groups was not published by Thomas et al.” he says. This statistical analysis was excluded from the JAMA paper which erroneously concluded there was no effect. Read Professor of Public Health Harri Hemila, response here.

  1. Vitamin C supplementation is necessary for patients with coronavirus disease: An ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry finding

A study from China involving 31 COVID-19 patients shows that vitamin C is, on average, deficient (11.4µmol/l), compared to healthy controls (52µmol/l) and returns into a healthy normal range (76µmol/l) with intravenous vitamin C. They recommend high dose intravenous vitamin C as an essential treatment to all COVID-19 patients at a dose of 100mg/kg per day. That’s 8g in an 80kg person.

Comment: This is, by the way, standard medical protocol in China. The Shanghai medical Association protocol says: “ It is recommended to use high-dose vitamin C therapy.. .Vitamin C is given by intravenous drip at 50-100 mg/kg per day, and the continuous use time is aimed at significantly improving the oxygenation index.”

  1. Safety and effectiveness of high-dose vitamin C in patients with COVID-19: a randomized open-label clinical trial

The second study from Tehran giving 30 control COVID-19 patients lopinavir/ritonavir and hydroxychloroquine and 30 patients an additional 6g of intravenous vitamin C found a significant reduction in temperature and a significant improvement in oxygenation after 3 days in the vitamin C group but no significant difference in length of hospitalisation or mortality.

Comment: The Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Group have reported that 6 grams was not sufficient and recommend 12g. The previous Wuhan trial used 24g.

All three studies add weight to the evidence for using vitamin C in the fight against covid. If you missed the release of our Resource Centre then do have a look. it’s catalogued and updated at the ‘Vitamin C and COVID-19 Research Resource’ authored by Associate Professor Anitra Carr at the University of Otago, Nutrition in Medicine Research Group. Plenty of resources here that you can use.


What are the government doing with this data??

Yet with all this data supporting vitamin C we are hearing back from you all regarding your MP response and we are still to find one to take this on. Apparently Prof Whitty held a briefing ‘ just last week on agents under investigation for covid, and so far vitamin C has not been proven effective in helping with covid.’ He is obviously not up to date, which is hardly surprising since NICE have not published any review and nor have Public Health England. If your country’s medical and scientific advisors have please let us know.

It is just so sad that, unlike China where vitamin C treatment is part of standard protocol (Shanghai Medical Association guidelines), used widely and presumably a contributor to their much lower hospitality mortality, the UK government has such an anti-vitamin mindset under the guise of ‘evidence’. Then, when a placebo controlled RCT shows 80% less mortality in critically ill ventilated patients given 24g of vitamin C, it is ignored. These results are even better than the dexamethasone trials that showed 34% reduction in mortality.

The same exists with vitamin D in the form of calcifediol, with the latest trial going through peer-review, showing that 21% of control patients, and 5% of calcifediol treated patients needed admission to ICU and 13% of these who did not receive it died, compared to only 4% of those who did.

JAMA have excelled again with the release of a study giving 200,000iu of vitamin D to hospitalised patients and reporting no effect. Actually, there was almost a statistically significant reduction (p=0.07) in need for mechanical ventilation. The trouble with this trial was that the average patient had been infected for over 10 days, had an average lengthy of hospital stay of 7 days, but vitamin D (cholecalferol) takes up to 4 days to raise the critical hormonal form (calcifediol) of vitamin D. Since vitamin D’s primary effect is to reduce replication of virus and reduce risk of cytokine storm this was just too late.

More trials have since come out showing that the vast majority of critical covid patients are deficient in vitamin C and that their vitamin C level predicts survival. That alone should be a red flag to do something about it, as they are in Chelsea & Westminster and, consequently, reporting the lowest mortality.

It feels like the Government is being led by pharma and it, and its advisors, are committed to ignoring non-pharma approaches to enhancing immunity regardless of its consequences on life.

Your success stories

Anyone who has taken high dose vitamin C (8-20g) in the first day of an infection, including COVID-19, knows immediately that it works. We do love hearing your stories on this and I’ve shared a couple below so do keep sending them in:

I was in hospital with Covid, a heart attack, pneumonia and haematuria in April/May for 3 weeks. I am 75 and was also diagnosed with severe anaemia and was coughing up small amount of blood. I dosed myself with about 15/20 grams of C orally per day and drank copious amounts of water. The only thing they treated me for in hospital was the heart disease. I was told I could go home after about 8 days, but started with the haematuria and had to stay for another 6 days. I still take about 6 grams of C a day with zinc, vit D and ubiquinol. I currently waiting for a heart valve replacement op, but otherwise I am really well. So I can testify that C really works well on this virus and can’t understand why it’s not in the current NHS Covid treatment protocol.

I have been taking 5,000 i.u. daily of D3 for 15 years. I had COVID 19 in January 2020 and passed it off like it was a bad cold. 5 days and it was all gone – just a cough and a little tiredness. I am overweight, type 2 diabetic and was aged 75

What can you do now to change this? 

We currently have over 8,500 who have signed the petition but we need to keep growing. Help us…. Here are some ideas below:

  • Share, the campaign site, this newsletter, get people’s attention about our campaign. If everybody brought just 1 extra person to sign the petition, we’d double our numbers
  • If somebody has forwarded this to you or you are reading on social media, please make sure you sign the petition
  • All our old newsletters are now on the site so send your favourite to somebody or share on social media
  • Keep up the good work on the MPs, this isn’t going to change over night when they are so entrenched with big pharma. 170 different MPs have been written to multiple times. If they send a generic response, forward on to us and we can help with a good email in response to this,
  • We still need some big media coverage, do you have networks at any of the big media, radio, tv stations…if so do introduce us.

I know lots of you are doing this already and we really thank you, we couldn’t do this without all your help!

From the VitaminC4Covid team,

Patrick, Rob, Rebecca, Chantal, Andrew and Gaby

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