2 Month Update


We officially launched the vitaminC4covid campaign on December 7th and here’s what we’ve achieved:

  • £18,119 in donations have been received or pledged – this has paid for the website, publication of the scientific review, the campaign manager and PR for 4 months (end of March) and a seed fund of £4,000 for preparing for the planned care home study.
  • We are progressing with the design of the care home study and have a university with access to care homes interested to help us with this. This has helped do a clear breakdown of costs and we still need to raise an additional £11,000. We will be sharing more on this project in the following weeks.
  • 8,200 have signed the petition
  • 774 doctors, nutritionists, scientists and other health care professionals
  • 11,200 have downloaded the ‘vitamin C for COVID’ review in Nutrients journal
  • Over 50 countries are now represented
  • 22 medical, nutritional or healthcare organisations are supporting
  • Over 45 press articles have been published
  • We’ve contacted and shared the scientific evidence with Public Health England, all NERVTAG members, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, all NHS Chiefs, National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE) and are in communication with the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, who advise them all.
  • You have helped us contact 136 MP’s to share this important message. We want them all to have this information so do contact us if you want to write to yours. We are still looking for one MP to take this to parliament and not just provide the standard ‘we are looking into this’.
  • COVID recommendations, 1 page document that you can use when infected.
  • Newsletter section to the website. You will be able to read previous communications we have sent out. I know this is something that has been requested multiple times so we have put this together for you.

So how can you help? 

Every week we are inundated with emails of people offering help so thank you! As always, we need you to help us keep driving this campaign. From last week’s newsletters you would have had chance to read about the highly successful protocol Dr Paul Marik and others are using. Also, why this isn’t mainstream and the censorship we are up against.

Please continue to help us by doing the following:

  • Share, the campaign site, this newsletter, get people’s attention about our campaign. We are getting close to 10,000 and need your help to get us there.
  • Thank you for everybody who has contacted their MP. Email me if you need the template letter or you can access in newsletters here. We do want to track who has been written to so wither BCC us or email us the name on
  • Thank you for those who are sending details of our campaign to journalists and TV stations.
  • Are you an affiliate organisation, contact us and we can discuss how we can work together?
  • Funding… as mentioned above we are still short for the care home study. Thank you for your donations so far, we have kept the crowdfunder open so you can still donate here.

From the VitaminC4Covid team

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